It's not just about the numbers. Of course, Texas Health is proud to say we care for more hearts than any other health care system in North Texas. But we know that to each of the thousands of patients we see every day, it's the quality of the care - not the quantity - that counts.

As part of that commitment to quality, Texas Health and our medical staff physicians are pioneering advances in heart-and-vascular-disease diagnostics and treatments. From 3D imaging technologies to robotic surgery and a technique for repairing deadly aortic aneurysms with a tiny incision, we offer the North Texas' most effective and minimally invasive heart care technologies.

Texas Health is committed to providing quality care to heart and vascular patients throughout North Texas and beyond. While various heart care technologies and services are discussed here, not all of our hospitals offer every treatment and diagnostic technology highlighted. Call 877-THR-WELL to learn more about heart and vascular services at the Texas Health hospital in your area.

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