Milestones at 4 Months

There’s a lot happening as your baby begins to explore the world. You can help this along by providing toys that are bright and interesting and playing games like peek-a-boo.

It’s typical for 4-month-old babies to:

  • Be more easily distracted and look around for an interesting sound or something glimpsed, even during feedings
  • Start to explore more with the hands, eyes and mouth
  • Begin to predict routines (establishing a bedtime routine now, for instance, will help signal that it’s time to sleep)
  • Start to roll from front to back, but not necessarily the other way
  • Use a 2-handed grasp to grab objects and bring them to mouth

Just remember:  All babies are different and develop at their own pace. Developmental milestones occur over a range of time because of this.

If your infant hasn’t yet reached some of these milestones, it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong.

Talk with your baby’s healthcare provider about any developmental concerns, including if your baby ... 

  • Does not bring objects to mouth
  • Begins babbling, but does not try to imitate any sounds you make
  • Does not push down with legs when feet are on firm surface
  • Does not turn head toward a sound 
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