Learning from Falling

You spent the first year of your baby’s life doing everything you could to keep him safe. So it’s hard to watch him fall so much now while trying to master walking.

But falling is as much a part of the learning process as taking those first steps, . And, according to one study by the National Institutes of Health, the risk of falling while learning to walk is no higher than the risk while learning to crawl.

Falling is a natural part of learning to walk. By falling, toddlers learn where their center of gravity is (and isn't) and how to move their bodies to avoid falls altogether.

While your child may start out pretty wobbly, she should develop a more natural gait about 6 months after she starts walking.

So the trick is not to prevent the falls, but to protect your child from injury when he does. Here are a few tips

  • Allow him to practice his walking skills in an open area with no obstacles.
  • Place bumpers on the sharp corners of furniture.
  • Remove cords that your toddler could grab at or trip over.
  • Avoid slippery socks or slippers with no grip on the bottom.
  • Close doors and gate stairways.

Letting your child fall can be tough, but doing so will help him become an expert walker.

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