When It's Time: Going to the Hospital
When your labor begins, follow your physician's instructions regarding when to go to the hospital. In an emergency, please proceed to the emergency room entrance.

The birth process - labor, delivery and recovery - takes place in one of our uniquely designed and soothing private maternity suites located in the Helen McKee Ryan Birthing Center. The Birthing Center also houses three Cesarean birth suites, and an anesthesiologist on the medical staff is in the Labor and Delivery area 24 hours a day.

Valet Parking
Complimentary valet parking is available for moms arriving for delivery.

  • Main hospital entrance, on the corner of Cannon and 5th Avenue
  • Hours: 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • To have your parking validated, be sure to bring your ticket with you

If you arrive at the hospital after 7 p.m. or prefer to self-park, you can use the main hospital parking garage located on Cooper Street in front of the Bloxom Tower.

Friends or family members planning to visit may use valet parking or the garage. Garage rates are $1 per hour, with a maximum daily charge of $5.

Valet parking is $5 per visit or complimentary with a state-issued handicap placard or license plate. If you use valet parking and need to retrieve your vehicle after hours, call 817-250-5950, and Security will escort you to your vehicle.

A Personalized Experience
At Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth, our family-centered maternity care philosophy embraces the important role of the whole family - mother, father, siblings and grandparents - in the birth of your child.

If you so desire, grandparents and your children are welcome to be present during your labor. Please make sure that an adult other than your support person accompanies any children. To record this special occasion, cameras and video recorders are allowed with your doctor's approval. We request that you ask staff for their individual consent to be included in your taping.

The Helen McKee Ryan Birthing Center features 18 uniquely designed and soothing private maternity suites, as well as three cesarean birth suites. Hydrotherapy (laboring in water) and waterbirth, assisted by a certified nurse-midwife, is available for appropriate patients.

When your baby arrives, you are welcome to share your baby with family and friends at your convenience. Our flexible visitation policy means that it's up to you who visits and when. During your recovery, you and your baby will move to the Maternal-Newborn Unit where you will experience personalized care by a nurse who cares for both you and your baby.

On the Maternal-Newborn Unit, you and your baby may share a room. Your baby's evaluations and examinations may take place in your room, giving you an opportunity to learn your baby's cues with personnel nearby to answer questions and provide education. We also offer a nursery for times when separation is necessary or preferred.

Building Your Bond
From the moment you arrive at The Center for Women and Infants at Texas Health Fort Worth, you will be in contact with caregivers trained in Brazelton Touchpoints. For you as a new parent, this means that staff members will work with you and empower you to maintain your child's health and the health of your family.

Even before your child's birth, you are an expert on their behavior. Think about it. You know their activity level. You know how they respond to noise and touch. You know their movements.

Our staff members have received specialized training in child development and will support you in taking advantage of the wisdom you already have about your child. Caregivers will help you during your child's first days to recognize your baby's individual strengths and cues. Our commitment to the Touchpoints values, principles and practices enhances our ability to help you bond with your newborn.

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