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Together Harnessing Resources to Give Individuals Voice and Empowerment (THRIVE)

Hungry students cannot learn, and those who experience trauma are much more likely to end up in the corrections system. Sanger ISD and its partners, First Refuge Ministries and First Baptist Church of Sanger, set out to create a program that would help district students develop protective skills and resiliency, and increase access to healthy foods. The school district received $300,000 through a Texas Health Community Impact program called THRIVE, Together Harnessing Resources to give Individuals Voice and Empowerment.

THRIVE recently garnered international attention for its grocery store at Linda Tutt High School. Click the link below to help replicate this work.

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Community Impact Results - Beyond Blue
Community Impact Results - Erath County
Community Impact Results - Plano Up
Community Impact Results - Project Empower
Community Impact Results - Project Help, Hand, Hope
Community Impact Results - Promoting Resiliency Among Vulnerable Children
Community Impact Results - Promoting Resiliency Among Vulnerable Children
Community Impact Results - The Railroad
Community Impact Results - Thrive
Community Impact Results - Well Together
Community Impact Results - Well Together
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It’s said that a person’s ZIP Code has a greater impact on their health than their genetic code. So let’s reach out to our communities and make a real difference in the health and well-being of our neighbors.
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Texas Health launched a bold vision to invest in community health improvement by awarding cross-sector collaborative grants addressing local needs in innovative ways.
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To date, Texas Health has awarded over $10 million to North Texas local organizations so they can transform the communities they serve.
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Funding Opportunities are announced here so please check regularly for updates. All grant applications will be accepted electronically.
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